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Welcome to Pinova - the industry leader in providing rosin and polyterpene resin innovations for over a century. Formerly Hercules Specialty Resins, we are the trusted choice of the world's foremost companies for specialty rosins and polyterpene resins when performance is critical. Our standard-setting products include:

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Latest News

9 July 2014

A Cleaner Alternative to BVO Pinova, Inc., offers Pinova® Ester Gum 8BG as a cleaner label...
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13 February 2014

New Brochure for Ester Gum 8BG Pinova® Ester Gum 8BG is the premier weighting and clouding agent...
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2 November 2013

Stewardship Report 2012 Pinova Holdings, Inc. is a global leader in natural and renewable...
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2 October 2013

Pinova Leadership Appointments Pinova Leadership Appointments October 2, 2013 Brunswick, GA –...
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The Pinova Story

The Pinova Story presents how we provide state of the art specialty products, services and solutions for ...read more

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Before requesting a product sample, download and study the applicable Product Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet to insure the product is close to your end requirements.

The standard Pinova sample is 1lb (0.45 kg) for initial evaluation. Please advise if a larger volume is required.

Pinova ships samples within 48 hours of request via carrier FedEx to the addresses provided.

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