Pinova delivers state-of-the-art specialty resins for many of the world’s most essential industries and well-known brands. For over a century, we have provided premium performance rosin resins and polyterpene resins to meet the exacting standards of customers worldwide. Customers in over 100 countries use Pinova’s quality resins to ensure their products perform consistently in a wide variety of specialized markets, including adhesives, construction, food and beverage, and agriculture.

At Pinova, we are dedicated to sustainability, innovation, enduring quality, and customer service.

The Pinova Story
To gain insight into Pinova's objectives, products, markets and corporate culture, please watch "The Pinova Story", which was filmed where all the action takes place on site at our Brunswick, Georgia, manufacturing base.

The use of renewable feedstocks is the foundation of our business and the basis of our long-term viability. We use natural, renewable byproducts generated from other industries as our starting raw materials. Sustainability is the basis of Pinova’s enduring value creation, and we strive to employ sustainable practices through the lifecycle of our products, from development and manufacturing to distribution.

As a member of the American Chemistry Council, Pinova participates in the Responsible Care® Program, with a CEO level commitment to adhere to the Guiding Principles and uphold the program elements.

Pinova is a global leader with a proven history of innovation in process technology, product chemistry, and application development. We combine decades of industry experience with close attention to our customers’ needs to develop and deliver products that meet or exceed their expectations. The highly qualified technical team in the Pinova Product Development Laboratory has the experience and creativity to assist customers in optimizing their products by engineering unique chemistries specifically tailored to their applications and market requirements.

Enduring Quality
Customers can trust Pinova to deliver consistent products that meet regulatory and specification requirements. Our employees understand that attention to detail at every stage of the manufacturing process, from raw material procurement to manufacturing and packaging, contributes to a final high-quality product. 

We strive to minimize variability in our production operations, and we drive continual improvement in all processes to ensure that finished products leaving the plants adhere to our customers’ requirements.

Customer Service
Pinova works closely with customers to develop full-service solutions encompassing product quality, packaging, shipping, and end use applications. Our Sales Team travels the globe to facilitate communication with customers and ensure that their needs are understood.

Our Research and Development team works directly with customers to develop new solutions, while our Technical Service Representatives are always directly available to address questions regarding existing products. Our Customer Fulfillment Team is located directly on the manufacturing site, facilitating communication with production and ensuring customer demands are filled on-time.

At Pinova, we believe that exceptional customer service is based on stable and meaningful relationships with our customers, and we are proud of our long-standing history of helping our customers produce unique and differentiated products.

Pinova Holdings Inc., is the parent company of Pinova and a portfolio company of TorQuest Partners, a leading Canadian private equity firm. Pinova Holdings is also the parent company of Renessenz LLC, which, like Pinova, is a producer of specialty chemical ingredients derived from natural and renewable materials. Together, the combined companies have sales of more than US$250 million and approximately 450 employees. Our company operates as an independent, sister company to Renessenz LLC.

Our Partners

Renessenz is the leading producer of terpene based aroma chemicals with over 100 years of history in manufacturing and innovation. With manufacturing facilities in Jacksonville, FL (company HQ) and Brunswick, GA, they use naturally occurring renewable and sustainable feedstocks to produce fragrance and flavor ingredients, as well as specialty chemicals for a variety of other markets.

With offices in the USA, Belgium, Hong Kong and Brazil, Renessenz supplies more than 60 products to customers in over 50 countries. Renessenz supplies vital products for markets such as food and beverage, personal care, oral care, fine fragrance, household products as well as a variety of industrial markets.

TorQuest Partners
Founded in 2002, TorQuest Partners is a Canadian-based manager of private equity funds. With more than C$700 million of equity capital under management, TorQuest pursues investments in middle market companies with the goal of working in close partnership with their management teams to build value.

As we enter our second century, our commitment to sustainability, innovation, quality, and customer service remains the deep-rooted foundation of our operating culture and ongoing success.