New Brochure for Ester Gum 8BG


Pinova® Ester Gum 8BG is the premier weighting and clouding agent for flavor oils and is regarded globally as the industry standard.

Pinova is pleased to offer the full story on Ester Gum 8BG in a new brochure which describes how this product, used and trusted for over forty years, can deliver reliable and effective stability for your beverage emulsions.

Pinova® Ester Gum 8BG brochure - download

The Stable Choice
Particle size distribution is one of the most reliable indicators for beverage emulsion stability.

The Sustainable Choice
Renewable pine stumpwood is the basis for Pinova’s unique position as the world’s only producer of refined wood rosin. Ester Gum 8BG is produced from natural, renewable resources that assure a consistent raw material supply.

The Safe Choice
Ester Gum 8BG has extensive regulatory approvals and is the only rosin ester authorized for use by the US Food and Drug Administration (21CFR172.735), the European Food Safety Authority (E 445), and the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives [JECFA] (INS 445).

Pinova® Ester Gum 8BG – Stable | Sustainable | Safe