Stewardship Report 2014


Pinova Holdings, Inc., the parent company of Pinova Inc (Pinova), has published its Corporate Stewardship Report 2014 “Creating Sustainable Value”.

This annual sustainability report adheres to the widely‑used Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework.

It demonstrates the link between Pinova Holdings’ corporate strategy and our commitment to environmental, social, economic and governance responsibility. The report is based on the GRI G4 Guidelines ‘in accordance’ core option. GRI has verified that our Content Index is accurate and aligned with the related G4 disclosure. The 2014 report highlights the alignment of our business into three market segments: Sensory Ingredients, Fragrance Ingredients and Performance Specialties.

By integrating products from all our facilities into a more cohesive framework, we are more effective in collaborating with customers on product formulations and applications.

In the letter to Stakeholders, it was stated:

"The new commercial structure helps build our own expertise and allows us to provide each industry we serve with tailored – and timely – solutions. We made solid progress in delivering on this customer‑driven approach. Performance Specialties’ strategy include expanded product functionality so customers can benefit from new uses of our varied solutions."

"At our newly‑opened Sensory Ingredients laboratory we are demonstrating the effectiveness of our products in practical applications. We intensified our commitment to Fragrance Ingredients through closer alliances with customers, ongoing innovation and delivery of high quality products made from natural, renewable feedstocks."

"We further strengthened global customer opportunities by obtaining several food safety certifications.Our internal emphasis continues to be on ensuring excellence in all our activities."

"We expanded corporate‑level integration so we maintain unified control of community relations, raw material sourcing, operations, regulatory compliance, finance, health, safety and environmental responsibility. We have focused on supply chain improvements to ensure customer satisfaction and initiated several safety programs to foster employee and contractor awareness and reporting."

The report details how the Pinova Holdings Companies have aligned with customer values with a focus on Performance Specialties, Sensory Ingredients and Fragrance Ingredients. In addition, important information is included regarding food safety, sustainable materials and details of Pinova Holdings' operations, environmental sustainability and relations with employees and the community.

A key segment is the Pinova Holdings corporate reporting of sustainability goals for 2017 and reporting of progress made in 2014 for subjects including product enhancements, human resources, safety, community relations and the environment.

The 2014 report can be downloaded in two parts:

Corporate Stewardship 2014   download
GRI G4 Content Index 2014   link