HSE Management

Pinova is committed to the highest level of Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) performance. We continuously review and improve our processes to ensure that we maintain the highest level of safety for our employees and minimize our environmental impact.



HSE Management System

The Pinova Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) strategy incorporates the following principles:

  • Maintain our privilege to operate by meeting compliance obligations and by performing strategic regulatory planning
  • Maintain a healthy workforce through injury prevention, risk reduction, hygiene and health monitoring, and wellness promotion
  • Increase our operating efficiency by using less energy and fewer natural resources, and by optimizing recycling
  • Make a positive impact by being a good corporate citizen, especially in the community in which we live and work
We believe a workplace free of injuries and process incidents is attainable.

The Pinova HSE Management System defines and monitors the performance of our management and staff to ensure all employees understand the requirements and respond effectively to safeguard the health and safety of our stakeholders, the community, and our colleagues.

We communicate openly with all stakeholders on health, safety, and environmental issues, and we provide workplace policies, standards, procedures, and training to enable employees and contractors to perform their jobs in a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible manner.

Process Safety Management is a key component of the Pinova HSE Management System and is actively applied to all of Pinova's manufacturing operations. Process Safety Management considers the design, operation, and maintenance of the Pinova Brunswick facilities at all levels, with the objective of eliminating the potential for any operational incidents that could affect employee safety or health or impact the broader environment in which we operate.


At Pinova, we believe a workplace free of injuries and process incidents is attainable. We are committed to continuous improvement based on sound science, careful risk assessment, and insightful benefit analysis. We are committed to measure, audit, and communicate our performance honestly to all stakeholders.

Pinova manages its HSE programs consistent with the ISO 14001 standard.

Pinova takes HSE management seriously, and, as committed stewards, we will act responsibly in everything we do.

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