Mission | Vision | Values

The operating philosophy for Pinova is to strive to achieve measurable operating excellence and innovation through the application of knowledge and common sense within a framework of open communications, respect, fairness and trust, with the recognition that all our stakeholders are important to our success.

Our Mission

Building on a heritage of innovation, we create sustainable value for our customers through the supply of specialty ingredients and performance chemicals derived from natural and renewable raw materials.

Our Vision

To be the first preference for fragrance ingredients, sensory ingredients and performance chemicals from naturally derived feedstocks.

Our Values

  • Customer | relationship

    We strive to provide a consistent level of quality service to all customers
    • We foster close, long-term customer relationships
    • We do business by collaborating, not just supplying products

  • Team | competitive advantage

    We recognize teamwork as our competitive advantage in the global market
    • Our teamwork provides opportunities for growth and development
    • We take collective ownership for the success of our business
    • Employees are encouraged to contribute new ideas and drive their implementation
    • We enable our employees and actively promote highly productive teams

  • Responsibility | doing the right thing

    We strive to act responsibly in all aspects of our business to “do the right thing”
    • Our Health, Safety & Environmental standards are never negotiable
    • We are responsible stewards of our environment and communities
    • We are individually accountable for our actions and results
    • We strive to earn and maintain the trust of our stakeholders

  • Integrity | ethical practice

    We maintain the highest ethical standards and integrity
    • Our workplace is built on openness and honesty
    • Ethical practices create pride in our company and its employees
    • Operational integrity is the cornerstone of our market reputation
    • We respect and treat all stakeholders fairly

  • Innovation | nurturing new ideas

    Our team creates new products, processes and services that provide sustainable value
    • Our customers and stakeholders rely on us for next step products and processes
    • We recognize and reward creativity, curiosity and reasoned risk-taking
    • We strive for speed to deliver a business edge to us and our customers
    • We recognize discovery can occur anywhere within our organization

  • Performance | drive to succeed

    We focus on the issues that provide market and customer value
    • We practice and promote a performance driven culture
    • We insist on high performance levels to maintain our competitive position
    • We respond to our customers’ performance objectives with effective solutions

  • Quality | operational excellence

    The quality of our products, processes and services is a primary objective
    • We are committed to excellence at all levels
    • We work closely with suppliers to maximize their contributions
    • Our quality commitment extends to all aspects of the product life cycle
    • We continuously improve our manufacturing efficiency through process innovation