Product Stewardship

Health, safety and environmental protection are an integral part of Pinova’s Product Stewardship program. We focus on these core business values from product development through manufacture, distribution, use and disposal of our products.

Our Policy

Recommended uses for Pinova products are understood and communicated throughout the global marketplace. Product risks are identified, managed and communicated to all stakeholders. Pinova promotes and maintains high safety and environmental standards for our suppliers, contractors, carriers and authorized distributors.

Products For a More Sustainable Future

Pinova is a pioneer and innovator in the development and manufacture of specialty chemicals produced from natural and renewable feedstocks.  We are committed to providing product solutions that integrate our goals of outstanding value and long term sustainability.

We work closely with our customers to develop full service solutions that take into account how our products are sourced, produced, packaged, shipped, stored, and used.

Pinova provides products that meet applicable quality and safety standards. We ensure that the products we manufacture meet or exceed customer expectations while having minimal impact on our environment.  We are committed to the continuous evaluation and improvement of our Product Stewardship program.

Product Information and International Compliance

Product information, safety, chemical and compliance requirements relating to Pinova products may be found in our Product Literature and Material Safety Data Sheets.

Ultimately, customers should make their own determination concerning use of Pinova products in their intended applications. Please review current Material Safety Data Sheets and consult with local authorities or your Regulatory Compliance Department to determine whether these products are safe, lawful and technically suitable for your intended application.

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