Rosin Resins

One of the largest and oldest specialty resin suppliers, Pinova created the world standard for the production of refined wood rosin from renewable pine stumpwood.

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Our Process

Our unique wood rosin extraction and refining process yields Pexite® wood rosin, which is a natural, renewable feedstock that differentiates Pinova’s rosin resins from all other resins in the marketplace. This exclusive line of high performance resins provides excellent compatibility and functionality in many applications including adhesives, beverages, gum base, construction, personal care, and polymer modification.

Rosin Derivatives


Pinova’s rosin derivatives include rosin esters, stabilized rosin esters, and adducted rosin esters.

Pinova® Ester Gum 8BG glycerol ester of wood rosin is the premier weighting and clouding agent for citrus beverages. It has the broadest global regulatory clearances of any rosin ester for use in beverages and has been used safely as a food additive for nearly half a century.

Pexalyn® stabilized rosin esters are cost-effective tackifiers in hot-melt adhesives. They are proven in a variety of other applications including wax modification, depilatories, and foundry. The Pentalyn® resin family includes adducted rosin esters that provide pigment-wetting ability, adhesion, gloss, and hardness in inks and coatings.

Hydrogenated Rosin Derivatives


Pinova’s hydrogenated rosin derivatives set the standard for performance, stability, and versatility across a wide range of applications.

Staybelite® partially hydrogenated rosin resin derivatives have good initial color and oxidation resistance and excellent compatibility in hot melt, solvent, and emulsion based adhesives. Staybelite® Ester 10 and Pentalyn® H resins are especially recommended for high performance pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs). Hercolyn® D methyl ester of hydrogenated rosin is a versatile liquid resin with proven performance as a tackifier, plasticizer, and fragrance fixative.

Foral® AX hydrogenated rosin resin derivatives have exceptionally light color and outstanding oxidation resistance. These resins are versatile tackifiers for pressure sensitive and hot melt adhesives. Foral® 85 resin is especially effective in tackifying solution acrylic PSA formulations.

Specialty Resins


Specialty rosin resins include unique products which are proven in applications including asphalt emulsification, concrete air entrainment, and mastic adhesives. A premier example is Pinova’s Vinsol® resin, which is the industry standard in concrete air entrainment as well as slow-setting asphalt emulsions. Other specialty resins are also available as cost effective chemical intermediates for esters, resinates, and soaps.

See this website for more information on the entire range of rosin resin products, as well as the Product Data page for access to Product Data Sheets and MSDS. More information on Pinova's Vinsol® resin range is available in the Vinsol® Brochure and Vinsol Performance Table

Product Matrix

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